Design Competition: Basquiat Boom for Real


We were told to visit an exhibition as a group and so we chose “Basquiat: Boom for Real” which was at the Barbican. We were given a few questions to help us think about how exhibitions work, whilst drawing, taking photos and notes.

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Critical & Design Thinking

Factual, vertical, rational, objective, convergent. 
(It is very logical)
Speculative, lateral, emotional, subjective, divergent.

On Tuesday we had a Critical & Design Thinking lesson, which challenged our way of thinking. We went through some terms we’ve learnt previously, but it was good to refresh our memories.

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Design Competition

Our first Design Competition lesson was quite packed (and a lil bit daunting). We spoke about CVs and the different projects we would be doing.

This was actually pretty helpful since I have written a CV in about… 6 years… Reading my old CV was super cringe, so there’s definitely a lot I took away from this lesson to update my CV. This was also useful, because the university wants us all to sign up to ‘mettemps’ which is a really cool way of applying for jobs in the university and learning more. For this we need a CV, so the new information we learnt could be applied straight away when we sign up.

Our second project for this module will be an internship, which is quite exciting and so we have to start preparing early on for that, researching companies and designers that we like.

After all this talking, we were told what groups we were in for our first project. These groups contain both illustrators and graphic designers and together we have to come up with a concept for the summer show exhibition. There’s a lot to think about for this, but it’s also difficult to think about something that has never done before. The in-house group Regular Practice showed us some cool designs and inspiration for exhibitions. I’m quite excited to see everyone’s final outcomes and the different ideas we’ll go through to get there.

To end the lesson we got together in our teams and did the ‘spaghetti tower/marshmallow’ challenge.

Looking Back and Forward

So here we are, on our official last first day back and of course I end up actually missing the day (because of a doctor’s appointment).
However from speaking to a few people, I was informed of the few reflective questions we were given.

If I were to answer all the questions into one concise(ish?) paragraph it would go like this:

Looking back on the past year, I’d say the one thing that I’m most proud about is even passing the year haha. This takes me on to what I want to improve from last year, which is my time management skills. Procrastination is a real killer and although I get the work done, all-nighters are no fun. I feel like I could have done a lot better in many areas if I stayed on top of the workload and disciplined myself. In this coming school year, I want to enhance my digital skills, although I have basic knowledge of programs, it’d be great to know them on a more thorough level. I’d also like to step out of my comfort zone and produce work in areas that I never thought to try. I’d like to really be proud of everything that I will put in my portfolio by the end of the year and be able to look through all my work, knowing that I did my best and put in a lot of effort into each project and piece. This leads onto the final answer about one key ambition. I’d like to give it my all to each piece of work that I do, no matter if it’s a rough draft or the final piece.

Here’s to working hard, producing rewarding work and another great year!

Movements: Folded Pager


The final outcome for this project is an A2 paper folded into an A5 zine that represents our chosen movement. I knew I wanted to have the word “DADA” across all A5 sides, so I drafted a few very basic mock-ups and folded them to see which one I liked the best. Out of the three, I chose the one that had the font the same size, but different angle. Although Dada contains a lot of seemingly random content, some consistency is nice, because it is what makes the pieces work.

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Movements: Experiments 2

I wanted to look more at Ilia Zdanevich, because I really like his typographic posters. They seem randomly placed, yet it all works together really well.

I decided to have a go, but I wanted to use words that seemed like they didn’t make sense. For this used phrases from other languages, so that it’d seem like gibberish, but they actually make sense to some people.

I added lines and circles to give it more depth. I also changed the font and the spacing, which I wasn’t sure would work, but I liked my end result.


Movements: Experiments

After researching about Dada, I noticed that they do a lot of collaging. So I went around my house and picked up things that, as Kurt Schwitters says, were “rubbish materials”. This was basically bits of newspaper, magazines, tickets etc.

Collage3.jpgI looked at some of the artists from the Dada Movement again, and was particularly intrigued by Hannah Höch. Her collages are quite eerie, but I wanted to give a try at imitating her work. After collaging a weird piece, I also added some of Ilia Zdanevich techniques, since I really like his typography posters.


Movement – Kinetic Typography

Kinetic Typography – “the technical name for “moving text”—is an animation technique mixing motion and text to express ideas using video animation.”

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 15.55.32.png

We had to create a video in After Effects using ‘kinetic typography’ which would be based on the movement we had chosen.

The thing that I like most about the Dada Movement is that it rejects logic, reason and aestheticism and instead welcomes nonsense and irrationality. I was thinking about what to do in After Effects and what I wanted to show and my mind drifted to the alphabet. The alphabet is a set of standard letters that languages use, however if you do not know that language then it seems like gibberish.
So with this idea I decided upon a video that would show the alphabet.
I did each letter in a different size and made them appear one after another.
To finish the video I added a soundtrack of myself randomly clapping, and timed each letter to appear with each clap.
Here is my final outcome: