Collections – Final Outcome

My books finally arrived!

I think the colours for the cover turned out slightly different to what I was expecting, but it’s ok.

I was pleased with the insides and the guides worked out well. Although it was pretty pricy, I’m happy with the end result.

Here are all four books side by side:

DSC_1169 copy.jpg


Collections – Blurb (Cover)


First of all, I looked at the previous lessons where we had experimented with different types of emotions to portray for our covers.

I still wanted to portray my work as an “organised mess” and I liked having a lot of different colours, so I made a piece of “random” brush strokes and wrote ‘Collection’ at the top.


For the back of the book I wanted to use the same effect too but not have it exactly the same, so I did a similar version:

Cover back.jpg

I did a whole sheet, because I wanted to split it into four, as you can see, so that each cover for each book would be unique, but still link to the next book.

Collections – Blurb Planning

After having a go at doing my own book-binding and creating my own book, I took a look at Blurb, which is an online printing company, that provides you templates, different styles of paper and books.

I thought that bookbinding was fun, but it didn’t turn out exactly the way I wanted it to be, so I decided to use Blurb for the actual book.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 20.47.05

I decided to make a ‘trade book’.

First I planned the content and what I was going to put in the book but I found it quite difficult since I felt like there were a lot of things. So I decided to split it up, and instead have four books, which would lead on, one from another.

Book Collection

Now that I knew what my content was, I just needed to plan my covers for four books.

Collections – (Development 4)

Next I had to think about the cover and how I would put everything together. I looked back on some of the sheets with instructions we were given, and particularly liked the cover which tied everything together with string.

For this I chose some fairly thick, sturdy paper, and a button, sewing it on and finishing it all of with string.


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Collection – Development (3)

After the book was complete and bound together, I planned out what I needed to fill on each page. I separated each section, but the paper inside is all rather random, which I liked. However you can tell where each signature starts and ends, because I specifically used special paper from GF Smith for these parts.

Taking from one of the workshops on paper-binding, I also put pockets, because I wanted it to be interactive. In the pockets I filled it with little bits and bobs. There were different sized papers, flaps and envelopes too, which made the book really unique and fun.


Collection – (Development 2)

During a few CIP lessons we were taught about different paper folds and book binding techniques, so I decided to have a go at a few of my favourites. I followed a few of the examples in class and the provided online tutorials, such as Sea Lemon and someone else I found online that I really liked (Johanna Clough).


I’ve never tried book binding before, so it was a bit difficult, but I liked my end result. I used many different types of paper, a few scraps I had from different events and also free samples from GF Smith. I made five signatures, and filled the main GF Smith paper’s with smaller, different types of paper.

Book Cover Experimentation

In a few CIP lessons, we have been trying out ideas for book covers. These have been quite experimental, as they’re not techniques I’d usually use. The workshops involved a lot of testing and exploration, taking you from one step to another, until you came to a completely different outcome.

We were then given book cover templates and had to rearrange our work. We were given a few so we could experiment and play around with ideas.

I did shapes which I thought worked well with the strokes and colours that I used. We also had to use words that we thought related to us, so I cut out the word “organised” but placed it rather messily, because a lot of people describe me and my work as an organised mess.

DSC_0631 copy

Pastiche1560 – Final Outcome

I took photos of the plants, each time adding more petals or leaves that had come off the plant. This took many shots, a lot of time and careful precision.

After many photos of each series, I put everything together. I think the photos and sounds worked quite well, and gave the beautifully eerie effect that I was going for, whilst still displaying critical thoughts towards Ja Soon Kim.

You can watch the video on Instagram here:
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