Ceramics Workshop

We had a ceramics workshop, where we learnt the basics of ceramics and the different equipment used in their studio.


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British Museum (1)

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For this task we had to go to the British Museum and do some drawings. This involved many people, lots of stares, paper, pencils, pens and tracing paper.

We were told to chose a spot and draw the room. I found this quite hard, because I’m quite a perfectionist, but during this workshop, I learnt to not focus too much on the tiny details, but just try and get the main parts.

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Photoshop // Applications

Here we had to create a type of business card for ourselves.

At first I struggled coming up with a design and so decided to mess around with shapes and colours. I decided to choose one colour and then base the rest of the card around different shades of that colour. Once that was done I added in the text, changing the shade slightly.
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Screen Printing

I’ve only ever done screen printing once before, and just like the last time I really enjoyed doing it this time. However it was slightly tedious having such a large group of people and being at the end of the queue, meant that I didn’t get very much done. Being last to wash the screen also means being last to put on solution and therefore being last to make a print.

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