Design Competition: Advertising 2


After the stickers had arrived and we finalised the poster we could finally advertise around uni.

We had some trouble with the building managers, even though we had emailed and sorted that stuff out at the very beginning, so we had a few problems advertising on the ground floor. Apart from that, the rest of the building was free, so we spent a day printing the poster and putting it up.

After this was done we went to the Wash House to check out the sound system and the screens. There was quite a few technical things to go through, but it was all very helpful.



Design Competition: Advertising

Another way we wanted to advertise the event was through social media. We set up a Facebook page so that people could find the event and we could see who was planning to go. To make it easier to buy the tickets we also set up an Eventbrite.

We had to create a banner for the Eventbrite so we used a sprayed background and then placed the text similar to the chosen poster.



Online Portfolio: Editing the Pages

After editing the first official page with the photos for each project I wanted to show, I had to edit each link.

I had 6 projects so I had to write about each one and arrange the photos and GIFs. This took some time, but it was nice to see everything come together.

The final online portfolio website can be found here:

Design Competition: Riso-Printing


Regular Practice took us to Housework Press, a place run by Joe who started it off when he bought a riso printer. It currently has 2 riso printers there and a whole bunch of work which we got to check out.

I really liked the studio cos it was cozy and unique. After looking around, we had a small task where we drew the opposite person. From the drawings we riso printed a small publication in gold and neon pink.

Online Portfolio: Creating my website

After choosing the first page, I needed to take photos of my work to display when you scroll down. These images would be the first thing that draws the people into clicking onto the project, so I decided to make it a bit colourful, but also not give too much away.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 17.40.52.png

I put titles on all of them and then I had to take some more photos to give more information once the audience clicked on a project.



Online Portfolio: Wix

I had heard of Wix before and always thought that it looked pretty good, especially as it had a lot of decent, free templates to choose from. So after choosing this site to use and the template I started working on the front page.

The first thing that you see on this template is the person’s name and the background. I wanted the background to portray something that I liked and not just a random picture chosen from their site.

So first I listed out my potential skills and form there I realised I wanted to show my photography, because even though I am a graphic design student, photography has been a small passion of mine before I started loving graphic design.

I looked through my photos for a calm photo that wouldn’t take the eye away from the anything else. I then edited it and tried each one for the background, because I thought it was important to give off the right feel as it’s the first thing you see.

I went for a less harsh, more dream like edit:

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 22.46.00.png

Design Competition: Pool Rules

We thought about decorations and thought it would be quite fun to have “pool rules” there, since we were going for a pool party theme. So I thought of some pool rules and chose 10 from them to recreate to use at the party. First I made them quite simple, using black and the two shades of blue from the beach ball poster:

After making these we thought that we could bring them closer to the visual identity. So I took the same designs and changed the colours to fit in with the poster we chose and the colour palette we used.

Design Competition: Research

We found out that we could no longer use the rooftop, because of security reasons and the number of people, so we had to find a new location.

We asked around and they said that we could use the Wash House space, because it could also fit more people. So we had to see how many people it could roughly fit and we had to work out the regulations and security measures. Taking a brief glance at the Wash House and the outside space, we figured out that we could fit around 150 people, which is 3x more than the space on the roof.

Working with this, we had to change a few things around to accommodate for more people.


Design Competition: Stickers

For advertising we thought that stickers would also be good, because we could design them and discreetly place them everywhere.

I found some online where the circle was already cut, the only thing you had to do was design and place on the template. However, from the reviews it seemed like it was quite hard to accurately get the design on the circle, so I had to design it slightly larger.

I decided to use the same design for the posters I designed with the beach ball, because the circular shape meant it was a perfect fit. I used the background from the spray paint posters we did to create the text for the stickers:

I liked the outcome, however, the text was a bit difficult to read, so I redid it in black and then placed it underneath so that it’d stand out a bit more.

I then placed these on the templates and printed them. It took a few tries, because the placements in printers are all different, but after a few attempts I managed to get a few good ones.