FMP: Final Publication

DSC_0665 copy

For the front and back of the publication and then inside covers I wanted to take a photo of the same thing that showed something “professional” and something “not so professional”.

A week and a half after sending it off my publication finally arrived!

I had chosen to do it in a magazine style, so it was quite thin and the paper chosen was glossy. I was quite happy with the outcome.


FMP: Publication

For the publication which would show the photos as well as some information behind each person, I decided to use Blurb, because I have used it before and I liked the program.

Keeping the 5 colours in mind that I had chosen, I decided to give each person 3 two page spreads each. The first two would have a word describing how they feel when doing their hobby and a description as to why they like it/chose it. Next to that would be a bit of background information behind them. The next spread will have the photos I took, maybe in process or information about an object they use whilst doing their hobby. The final spread would contain more photos of them or the end product.

FMP: Filming

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 18.19.07

On top of the 5 videos, 1 for each person, I also wanted to do a taster video, which would have shots of everyone and give the audience a teaser of what the project is about, like a trailer.

I filmed each person on separate days, some I only needed a day, others I would film over the course of a few weeks. After all the filming was done, then I put the videos together in a video editing app. I had to do a few trials, saving different versions.

I wanted the music on top of the taster to be an acoustic guitar, hence the person in my project who played a guitar let me film and record her to be used for the taster video and her own video.

I edited the clips so that they’d fit in with the timing and the beat of the guitar played.

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FMP: Research

As I was doing my FMP on people and would be taking photos and videos of them, I looked online at some ideas and sketches that could make the portraits more interesting, rather than just showing them.

I found some really unique designs that I liked and that really showcased the individuals.

I thought about how I could incorporate a unique design into my publication that I was making,

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FMP Research

For my FMP I was really interested in looking at the people around me and the talents they have. I thought it would be nice to celebrate and bring to light the skills people have in the hobbies they like to do in which they are not doing professionally.
After some questioning, I managed to get a few of my friends and family who were willing to let me do my FMP on them.
After getting my basic idea down, I needed to decide on how I would want to showcase their hidden talents.

Two ideas came to mind when I thought about this; one was a publication and another was a video. Since I was doing it on 5 people I started thinking about colour schemes and what 5 colours would go together well, since I wanted them to have a colour each.

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