Map of Me: Visual Identity Book (2)

After coming up with I what I wanted to have in the book, I split it into four categories.

  • Front cover
  • Introduction
  • Theme: logo/typeface/colours
  • The places: Original photos

As I wanted to keep it simple, I decided to keep the background white, but I put in a border too, so that it wasn’t completely plain looking. The border used was the same colour as the background of some of the screens in my app. This is how I set out my book:

Visual Identity Bookblog

This book will basically be a brief introduction to the app, and let the user understand a bit more behind it. It also gives the audience a taste of the emotions portrayed in the app too.


Map of Me: Visual Identity Book (1)

What is visual identity?
“Visible elements of a brand, such as color, form, and shape, which encapsulate and convey the symbolic meanings that cannot be imparted through words alone. In a broader (corporate) sense, it may include elements such as building architecture, color schemes, and dress code.”
(Source: Business Dictionary)

I didn’t quite understand what I a visual identity book was supposed to entail, so I searched up a few examples and here were my favourites:

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Map of Me: Outcome (3)

After deciding on the places that I wanted in my app and what I wanted it to focus on, I looked at how I would go from one screen to the next. Rather than just dumping the collages on the app, I thought it’d be good to have an explanation of what I was doing and also a map to show the three different places.

I also needed to think about how one screen would transition to the next and how they would connect.

I used a screen for the map so that users could click on a specific place they wanted to view. From there I had two screens for each place, and placed them so that it’d be one screen of the inside then the next of the outside, and so on for each place. To distinguish the outside from the outside I used a light blue colour to imitate the sky, but also to not stand out so much.

Here’s my final screens:


Here’s a link to the prototype of my app:

Map of Me: Outcome (2)

After deciding that I wanted to continue with collages and the three places I wanted to focus on, I thought about how I would incorporate everything into the app.

First I took photos of the three places. As I wanted to encompass the feel of the places, I took photos of not only the outside and surrounding areas of the places, but also the inside of them too. I thought it’d be nice to show some parts which may not be able to be seen by everyone.
After many photos, I cut them up and created new collages of each place, one for the inside and another for the outside, so that in total I had six new pieces.

A few examples of some of the collages:

Even though the new pieces looked completely different to the original photos I wanted the audience to view these places in a similar way that I do, rather than just seeing them places as how they are.

After making the collages I took photos and edited them on Photoshop, so that they could fit into the Marvel app.

Map of Me Research 2

After playing around with the Marvel app and having a session looking and talking about apps on our phones, I decided to do more research and look into the apps on my friends phone’s.

I asked them to screenshot their home screen and any side screens they had, and to send it to me. Many obliged, although some did question what I was doing, (and a few sent me troll photos of my face enlarged as their background).

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 17.44.45.png

Compiling them together, as well as my own (right in the middle) I looked at the different apps that people use. I realised that most of them, including myself, had mainly social media as their main priorities. For me, my home screen was filled with 6 social media apps which I use every day.
Another big one was travel and photography, which appeared on many people’s phones.
A few of them played games, although that seemed to be aimed at the younger ages and got less as the older the person was.
A few other apps people had were travel, music apps, Bible apps, shopping and scanning.

Looking through this gave me an insight as to what I wanted my app to contain and how to aim it at what the audience wants.

Map of Me Research

LONDON The Information Capital, is a book I happened to stumble across in the library the other day. It contains all sorts of diagrams, which gives new meaning to the word “map”. Many different “maps” are presented in different ways, and display a lot of different types of information about London. The book is very cleverly put together, some pages containing tracing paper, so that you can see the before and after effects.

A quick flick through the book

Later, I went out and stood by Aldgate Station entrance, filming a short video of the cars and people passing by. I also recorded the sounds I heard.


From doing these things I realise how many ideas I could have for the Map of Me, the difficulty is choosing a solid idea, developing and expanding on it and sticking with it.