Match and Mismatch GIFs (Final)

For the GIFs they didn’t fit in well with the poster and postcards, so I changed the colours to fit in with the colours I used in riso-print.

Since there were 2 GIFs for the final outcome I decided to do them red and blue.




Match and Mismatch Postcards (Final)

After the crit it was suggested that the same text made through letterpress for the poster, should be used for postcards.

So I printed out the text to fit A6 size and then cut out every single letter for four postcards.

It took a long time, but the end result is a lot better than the previous postcards.

Match and Mismatch Postcards

For the four A6 postcards I used the excess riso-prints from the front of the poster and cut them out.

I tried on normal white paper and then on blue paper I got from GF Smith. I chose blue, because the riso-print on poster was red, blue and black.

I thought this wasn’t enough, so I wanted to out the title on the postcards as well. I used a stamp alphabet set I had to put the title over the postcards.

I tried different placements of text, but in the end I liked this one the best:

Postcard Trial2

Match and Mismatch Poster Design

For the poster we needed to include, folds, an element of photography and a description by the furniture student.

I started with the front of the poster and looked through the photos I had already taken of the pepper moulds. I chose a picture of each mould and decided to have that on the front of the poster. After choosing these I thought about the title of the project which was “No such thing as a vegetable”. I looked at different digital fonts, but then in the end I thought I would try out letterpress.

I liked the last few I did, so I decided to digitalise these and tidy them up a bit.

Match and Mismatch GIFs (Development 2)

I still wasn’t completely happy with the GIFs so I playing around with the timing and then realised I had to restart as I wanted everything to come in at the same time and not one by one.


Adding the photos of Abbie took even more time, because I had to match up the 4 GIFs I made previously with the GIF of her.

After I had done this I was happy with the turn out and so I moved onto my next GIF.

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Match and Mismatch GIFs (Development)

As we had to have 2 GIFs for our final outcome, I thought about putting the previous GIFs together. This was pretty tedious and difficult, because I had to combine a 4 GIFs into one and then I had to change the frames to match up and start at the right time.

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Match and Mismatch GIFs

Thinking about what to do for the GIFs, I decided I wanted to showcase the whole object, so I took photos whilst rotating the objects and made GIFs out of each chosen mould spinning.

I was quite pleased with the way these turned out, but I still wanted to develop them further.

I also wanted to try out something else so I went out to make another type of GIF: