Photo Everyday (Days 9-12)


Match and Mismatch (Photography Studio)

We were given our furniture students that we are going to collaborate with and the object that Abbie had was a table. It was really cool and interesting to see her product and read the information behind it, but after emailing her, I found out that her table was not in London, so we scheduled a meet-up so that I could choose something from her other works.

After meeting up with her and looking through her work (which was really cool), I chose to base this project on some pepper moulds.

After picking up the objects we had an introduction to the photography studio and had a chance to try the different backdrops with our objects.

As she had a lot of these moulds, she let me choose which one’s I wanted to use and so I decided to pick four of them to base this project on.

Here are some more photos of the four chosen moulds.