Another photographer I look up to is sejkko and his series of “lonely houses”. These are pictures of singular houses and buildings. They’re so simple yet rather beautiful.

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Sejkko is well known for a series of lonely houses in which he has explored emotions and topics of universal appeal, the connection between being at home and being alone in this case.


Lucas Machado

Lucas Machado is a graphic designer born in São Paulo, Brazil.
One of my favourite pieces by him is his London: The Ultimate Travel Experience.

It encompasses psychogeography, editorial design, travel guide, game design and packaging eye candy.

This series contains lots of different elements, such as:

  • Small cards
  • Foldable map (Full of words, not pictures)
  • Book (and bookmarks)
  • Photographs
  • Instructions (“Say hello to someone, wave, smile and say goodbye”/”Take a picture of a tree”)

This set is unique, as there are unusual tasks and it doesn’t necessarily show you the usual “touristy” side of London.
It also has a common style and theme that carries throughout, which is simple and recognisable.

S.Dion Baker

S.Dion Baker, also known as Samantha Baker, does illustration and design. She has a large following on Instagram and is widely recognised for her beautiful drawings and wonderful typography skills.

I like her series of daily sketchbook journals, which instead of simply writing about what happens each day, she draws what happens, a main event or even just a thought she has.
Sometimes she takes photos of her children and Photoshops them into her work.

She’s quite inspiring, because she takes something which can be rather mundane, and turns it into a new and exciting story which offers something different every day.

(Photos taken from sdionbakerdesign Instagram)

5 Artists

The five people I chose are:
Samantha Baker
– Ja Soon Kim
– Lauren Hom
– Lucas Machado
– Manuel Pita

A collage of a few of their work

They all vary in techniques and mediums, but I like their styles. They each have a unique way of working and presenting their work, which I can learn from, as it sets them apart from other people.
I’d like to see what makes each artist unique, and how they make their work their own.

Dialogue Studio: Emily Mcnally

The work we imitated previously was Emma McNally‘s work. She’s really interesting and we imitated her style in the way that it created a sort of abstract map.

Her work looks like that of an astronomical type, and something out of this world.
A lot of her work is based on sound too, which I find really interesting, because people often use visuals to aid their work.

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Heather’s Studio

The visit to Heather’s studio was insightful and inspiring. At first entry, you might not think much of the small studio where she works and shares with others. Even finding the place was hard, as you can easily walk past the building without another glance. However, upon listening to her and looking around the studio, you realise that there is actually a lot to take in.

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