Collect, Analyse and (Re)assemble

This project was quite hard for me at first, because I couldn’t think outside of the box, and could only think of the ‘obvious’ collections.

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Book Binding Tutorial

We spent the whole day learning how to book bind to help us with our up-and-coming project, Collect, Analyse and (Re)assemble. I didn’t think that there’d be so many different ways, so it was interesting to learn a bunch of new techniques for future reference.

3D Poster


For this one-week project, in groups, we needed to create a 3D poster, for a film, made out of collected materials and at the end of the week we would then present our poster to the class.
The only thing we were given was our base, for us to stick and build off our poster. Although the poster had to be for a film, it could not be based on a film poster, but instead had to be completely original.

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