Broad: Research

For Broad I researched some publications that I liked and found out that the ones I liked the most were those that used text with drawings or illustrations included. I felt like this fit in well with the blog post that I had chosen, because it had drawings in there as well.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 19.08.13screen-shot-2018-05-22-at-19-08-52.png

After taking a photo of the drawings, I digitalised them, turned the backgrounds white and split them up, since there were 2 drawings each for the 3 words.

I also wanted to include the other drawings that weren’t chosen for the final posters, to show the various different descriptions people gave.



Hothouse Talk: Serena Wise

Serena Wise is an award winning Art Director with a decade long career working with creative agencies and publishers such as Mother London, Spring Creative, VICE, i-D Magazine, DJA and ARPA Studios. 


For this Hothouse talk we had the pleasure of listening to Serena Wise talk about her past jobs and roles.

Some things that I found really interesting were:

  • Thinking in images
  • Telling stories
  • Being an art director – No day is the same: You were different hats
  • The industry is ever evolving
  • Try on different things for size
  • Tell stories that reflect culture

I particularly liked her Tokyo Gen series for i-D which showed her working with different women in Tokyo. Despite the language barrier, it seemed like they made some close bonds as well as great work.

Looking Back and Forward

So here we are, on our official last first day back and of course I end up actually missing the day (because of a doctor’s appointment).
However from speaking to a few people, I was informed of the few reflective questions we were given.

If I were to answer all the questions into one concise(ish?) paragraph it would go like this:

Looking back on the past year, I’d say the one thing that I’m most proud about is even passing the year haha. This takes me on to what I want to improve from last year, which is my time management skills. Procrastination is a real killer and although I get the work done, all-nighters are no fun. I feel like I could have done a lot better in many areas if I stayed on top of the workload and disciplined myself. In this coming school year, I want to enhance my digital skills, although I have basic knowledge of programs, it’d be great to know them on a more thorough level. I’d also like to step out of my comfort zone and produce work in areas that I never thought to try. I’d like to really be proud of everything that I will put in my portfolio by the end of the year and be able to look through all my work, knowing that I did my best and put in a lot of effort into each project and piece. This leads onto the final answer about one key ambition. I’d like to give it my all to each piece of work that I do, no matter if it’s a rough draft or the final piece.

Here’s to working hard, producing rewarding work and another great year!

Hothouse Talks: Russell Weekes

I first heard about Russell Weekes in my first year of Graphic Design, and instantly took a liking to his work. Humour and wit always get me and paired with design, is something that I really love.

Here are a few of my favourite works by him:

During his talk he spoke about how he plays around with different methods and that he didn’t use labels (he studied illustration, but wouldn’t call himself an illustrator).

A few pieces of good advice he gave that I took away, was that it’s good to find a place that suits you. It’s also good to collaborate, something which I think I need to do more often, as I’m use to working by myself. With collaboration, I can pick up and learn from other people and bounce off their ideas too.