Design Competition: Poster Research

For the Design Competition I decided to look into some posters to see what was being displayed and how in other places. I decided to check out this cool site: typographicposters where you can see a variety of posters from different countries and also search according to colour.

So as Group F decided on neon colours, I decided to view posters of that same colour palette. I chose out a few that stood out to me (but weren’t necessarily my favourite).

I like these, because they’re quite simple, but also very unique and would definitely capture my attention.

The three that I liked the most were these three:

I liked the layout and the shapes used. Also the fact that there was not much colour and very little variety of colour too. They draw the audience in with their well placed headers and catch the passer by’s eyes.



Give and Take: Collaborative Drawing


For this workshop we had to do a long piece of collaborative drawing. I really liked this workshop, because it brought me out of my comfort zone. We each drew a section and then passed it on to the person/people we were working with, where they only saw the lines joining onto their piece. By doing it this way, we didn’t know what the whole thing would look like until we finished the whole sheet.

For each strip there were different rules, for example, one of the first ones we did was collaging only and the other was blue and red paint.

We were told to draw parts from our surrounding area of the staircase and even though it doesn’t seem like much, there’s actually a lot of different things you can draw.


Design Competition: Poster Workshop (2)

For our second workshop with Regular Practice we used our images we painted last week and this time we layered words on. These were printed on acetate or paper and we made some posters from the CASS Summer Show.

I liked this workshop, because we were told to make something ugly, to just experiment, something which I need to do more as I know I can be a perfectionist.

Design Competition: Research

After visiting the Barbican with the group and noting what I liked and disliked I looked on Pinterest to get some inspiration. For this I split it into 5 categories:

  • Space
  • Interaction
  • Material
  • Colour
  • Direction (wayfinding)

From Regular Practice’s presentation, we saw that although it’s nice to have expensive and fancy exhibitions, you can also do a lot on a budget and by using raw materials.

Our group seems to be drawn to the idea of using cardboard, which I like as it’s inexpensive and very light. To brighten that up we can use splashes of colours, which I think will work really well in bringing it all together.




Give and Take: Practitioner Research

For our research task we were asked to look at the list of practitioner and choose one whose work we found particularly interesting. However I found it quite hard to choose just one, so maybe once every other week I will post about all of those that I really liked.

This week I decided to choose Marie O’Connor.

“She is interested in creating surprising interplays between the body and clothing, image and reality and scale and distance. A regular starting point is in playing with the notion of flatness within 3 dimensional design.”

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Give and Take: GIF Making

On Friday we spent the day looking at gif makers and learning how to make them.

We started off with a fairly simple task of placing sticky dots in a storyboard, to make it look like a bouncing ball. This was quite useful, as it give us an idea of how each frame looks and what you need to think about when making a gif.


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