Design Competition: Font Research

To look at fonts I typed in CASS SUMMER SHOW and checked out a few different fonts for it.

Fonts are always hard to pick but once you find the right one it’s fun to work with it and also maybe to play around with it.

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Making a Living Week (Day of Talks)


During Making a Living Week we had a day of talks which were really useful for our future.

The series of talks went through programs, pricing, competitions and what to do after we graduate.

Some of the programs I’m interested in which they spoke about are:

  • Big idea challenge
  • Launchpad: 12 week program
  • Escape the city

These talks were good, because they made us think about our future, how we need to act now and what we need to prepare for.

Design Competition: Making own Poster

After researching on typographicposters and really liking the bright colours, I decided to do a quick 5 minute poster.

I wanted to do layers, so I did 4 different colours and cut random shapes and pieces out, so that each colour would show through a bit.

The top layer showed the poster and the information: CASS

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Walk the Line: GIF Experimentation

I wanted to try out more GIF making so I decided to take photos of a process and make them into a GIF.

Inspired by the house party me and my sister held the night before and the tons of leftover food we had the next day, I decided to put everything we had into a wrap.

Each new ingredient I added, I took a photo and this is the end result:


I had 2% regret making this GIF and adding so much food, but it was worth it.

Walk the Line: Development

To help me expand my thoughts and ideas to the 3 words I had picked out I decided to ask people to tell me what they thought of the words. They described to me an image or what they first thought and I would draw down whatever they told me, without them looking at the paper until the end.


Some of them turned out exactly what the people were thinking of and others said I drew something completely different.

I think this task really helped me to broaden my view of the words, because I saw through over people’s eyes, rather than just my narrow minded vision.

After looking back at the drawings I realised that I actually really liked some of the descriptions people gave me so I thought that I could maybe take some of these further.

Design Competition: Research 2

After visiting the Barbican with the group and noting what I liked and disliked I looked on Pinterest to get some inspiration. For this I split it into 5 categories:

  • Space
  • Interaction
  • Material
  • Colour
  • Direction (wayfinding)

I think looking at Pinterest was really helpful, because we can see what works well and what doesn’t, what seems to be a common idea people use and what is unique.

Walk the Line: Practitioner Research (3)

After seeing some of my work, James Hunting recommended two artists for me to look at: Michael Craig Martin & Gary Clough.

Michael Craig Martin draws ordinary everyday objects, but it’s the way he puts everything together that I like. Even his work without colour is really nice. It seems like fairly simple line drawings, but because of the way the objects are placed, it creates a new image. It makes all the objects seem as if they’re joined and they’re all interconnected so effortlessly.


Gary Clough’s drawings are also quite similar to Michael Craig Martin, which is why I think James recommended me these two artists, as he saw some of my drawings were quite similar to their style. I like how he incorporates some of his drawings into a object, so that they have a border (like the drawing of the lungs, which was for Inktober and Stoptember) I also like how he adds dashes of colour and doesn’t go full on with blocks of colour.




Studio Blup Visit


On Tuesday we were split into groups and visited different studios. The studio I went to see was Studio Blup. If you check out their website, you’ll be totally blown away by their work, it’s all very unique and extraordinary.

We spoke to one of the cofounders, who showed us a few examples of their work, answered questions and told us how they first started. Although the studio is small, you wouldn’t be able to tell from the website, because it seems like a huge team is behind it, whereas in fact theres a handful amount of people. We also got to speak to the intern who gave us lots of tips about applying to places and what he did, which was very useful.

(The highlight of the visit was the adorable dog, which kept walking into the studio).