Collections – Blurb (Cover)


First of all, I looked at the previous lessons where we had experimented with different types of emotions to portray for our covers.

I still wanted to portray my work as an “organised mess” and I liked having a lot of different colours, so I made a piece of “random” brush strokes and wrote ‘Collection’ at the top.


For the back of the book I wanted to use the same effect too but not have it exactly the same, so I did a similar version:

Cover back.jpg

I did a whole sheet, because I wanted to split it into four, as you can see, so that each cover for each book would be unique, but still link to the next book.


Book Cover Experimentation

In a few CIP lessons, we have been trying out ideas for book covers. These have been quite experimental, as they’re not techniques I’d usually use. The workshops involved a lot of testing and exploration, taking you from one step to another, until you came to a completely different outcome.

We were then given book cover templates and had to rearrange our work. We were given a few so we could experiment and play around with ideas.

I did shapes which I thought worked well with the strokes and colours that I used. We also had to use words that we thought related to us, so I cut out the word “organised” but placed it rather messily, because a lot of people describe me and my work as an organised mess.

DSC_0631 copy

Book Cover Archive

In one of the workshops we started off with answering and writing down words and sentences about ourselves, and then went on to painting random strokes. From this we cut out shapes and also drew odd inventions. This helped to think of the emotion you’d want to portray through your cover.

In another workshop, we were told to choose a cover from book cover archive and then imitate it or remake a cover.

DSC_0630 copy

I chose to do imitate Alena: A Novel and to remake 1000 Black Umbrellas. Alena seemed fairly simple, but I liked the textures used to place text on top and separate it from the background. For 1000 Black Umbrellas I kept their splattered design, but instead of black I wanted it to be colourful.

I think these workshops opened my narrow minded ways a bit, as I usually think of ideas and then stick to them, rather than experiment a lot.