Market Ready Presentations


We were told to go to The Accelerator where each group would send up a few people to do their presentations to the Accelerator team and a final group would be chosen to sell their chosen product at the Christmas Market.

It was great to see each group’s presentations and even though the first trial of presentations were good, to see each team take on the criticism and improve was really good.

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Market Ready Development

For Market Ready our group wanted to have an environmentally friendly theme. I tried a hand at a design involving leaves, where I based it on an actual leaf. I liked how the lines came through when light was shone behind the leaf; the details were rather vivid and interesting. I wasn’t sure if I liked this in colour or black and white so I tried out both of them on t-shirt templates.

DSC_0209 copy


As we were also thinking about other things involving our logo, I made a few stickers, because we thought that this would be good advertising.

DSC_0206 copy.jpg

Making a Living: Market Ready Brief

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 18.56.14.png


Our group, Dialogue: Team 3, renamed to Dirty Shirts, have decided to design and sell shirts for the Sunday Up Market in Spitalfields this year.

The idea for the logo came from the name, a splatter which indicates and emphasies “dirty”. The colour scheme is to match the colour of our t-shirts, which will be white with black paint. We wanted the name and logo to be simplistic and recognisable.

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