Dialogue Studio: Interfaces

For this task we had to look at interfaces and how one thing interacts with another. Before working on this task, I didn’t realise how many interfaces there are everywhere. When first getting the brief, I only though of the obvious, typical ones, like using your phone or a computer, but I think my group really opened my eyes, when they suggested things like the signs we see on streets and even something simple like opening a door.

We were given four interfaces we had to find and take photos of,

  • Lift interface
  • Turn style
  • Printer
  • Vending machine

and then we could find our own. We chose to do:

  • Traffic lights
  • Printer
  • Door with pin/code
  • Platform access lift

For our group we split the roles, we had a photographer, someone who made the presentation and two writers. I was one of the writers, and I realised that simple actions we do everyday actually take a lot of steps when we actually write it all down.

This project made me think about the interfaces that happen in our everyday lives and the ones that I don’t even take notice of. Definitely something to think about more.