Having decided to look at Ja Soon Kim, I went to take a lot of shots of plants in her style, however what was different was that I wanted to show the stages in getting there.

The main star: A dying bunch of flowers

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Pastiche1560 – Development

We had to make a storyboard of a rough draft of what would be in our video. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted for my final clip, but I knew the base of my idea and I was still interested in looking at Ja Soon Kim.

Looking at plants and flowers, I decided to go with the idea of dismantling a bunch of flowers and then laying it out in her style.

Rough storyboard draft

I liked this idea, however I wanted the video to not just portray this, but give off a different feeling.

Usually flowers are seen as beautiful objects, but I wanted my video to show them differently. Looking back at the different people we were introduced to in previous CIP lessons, I decided to experiment with this.

5 Artists

The five people I chose are:
Samantha Baker
– Ja Soon Kim
– Lauren Hom
– Lucas Machado
– Manuel Pita

A collage of a few of their work

They all vary in techniques and mediums, but I like their styles. They each have a unique way of working and presenting their work, which I can learn from, as it sets them apart from other people.
I’d like to see what makes each artist unique, and how they make their work their own.