Kickstarter (Screen-printing)

After finalising our designs we went ahead and screen-printed them. We had two designs and we placed them on two white t-shirts, one black t-shirt and a tote bag.

We decided to keep it simple by sticking with black and white, however the designs were a bit more complex. When we printed the images we were so relieved that they turned out pretty well.

Keeping up with the nature theme here are a some of the samples we produced:



Kickstarter (Video and Storyboard)

For Kickstarter we have to make a video, so we had to come up with a storyboard. We wanted it to be a bit humorous but also let people know that Dirty Shirts are kind to the environment and the theme of our group as well.

Here’s the first draft of the storyboard which we came up with, so that we had something that we could loosely follow:

KS Storyboard2.jpgThe final video can be viewed here:



Our final CIP project is another group project. We were asked to stay in the same groups as the Market Ready project, and to develop our brand so that it’d work as a Kickstarter campaign.

In the briefing we learnt that we had to think about ‘Rewards’ and that we also had to make a video. Rewards are helpful, because encourage support for the Kickstarter project. They can include copies of what we’re making, personalised thank-you notes, or other small extras.

Our original Market Ready project involved us making t-shirts that revolved around the environmentally friendly nature theme, so keeping with that we decided to also add rewards which were connected to this too. We came up with the idea of tote bags as well which would have matching designs.

Some of the things we discussed in the lesson were adding some witty slogans for a more humorous angle and to use screen printing, since Kickstarter means we can get things on a wider produced scale.

Next to think about is a storyboard for the video and to finalise the designs and rewards.