Pastiche1560 – Final Outcome

I took photos of the plants, each time adding more petals or leaves that had come off the plant. This took many shots, a lot of time and careful precision.

After many photos of each series, I put everything together. I think the photos and sounds worked quite well, and gave the beautifully eerie effect that I was going for, whilst still displaying critical thoughts towards Ja Soon Kim.

You can watch the video on Instagram here:
or on Vimeo here


Pastiche1560 – Video Sounds

For the video I knew I wanted show the flowers differently, because they are usually seen as beautiful objects. One of the biggest helpers for this, I think, would be the soundtrack.

I wanted the soundtrack to be kind of eerie, so I went around my house and recorded sounds that I thought would fit with my concept.

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 01.31.01

I used the piano, wind chimes and rolled a glass jar on the floor to create the different sounds.
They can all be heard here:

Pastiche1560 – Development

We had to make a storyboard of a rough draft of what would be in our video. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted for my final clip, but I knew the base of my idea and I was still interested in looking at Ja Soon Kim.

Looking at plants and flowers, I decided to go with the idea of dismantling a bunch of flowers and then laying it out in her style.

Rough storyboard draft

I liked this idea, however I wanted the video to not just portray this, but give off a different feeling.

Usually flowers are seen as beautiful objects, but I wanted my video to show them differently. Looking back at the different people we were introduced to in previous CIP lessons, I decided to experiment with this.

Pastiche1560 – Hom Sweet Hom

1. An artistic work in a style that imitates that of another work, artist, or period.
1. To imitate the style of (an artist or work).

For this project we have to create a video clip lasting 15-60 seconds that demonstrates our critical thinking about someone of major personal creative importance and/or influence.

Firstly, I decided to look at Lauren Hom, who is also known online as Hom Sweet Hom. She is a “California-born, formerly Brooklyn-based designer and letterer who’s currently traveling the world.” I’ve been following her work for quite a while now, because I really love her style of lettering, her humour and her creativity.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Custom chalkboard lettering for her own bedroom.

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Pastiche1560: Wayfinding Exercise

15133687_10211201890508943_261435050_o copy.jpg

We first looked at four stages of wayfinding:

  • Orientation –
    Attempt to determine one’s location, in relation to objects that may be nearby and the desired destination.
  • Route Decision –
    The selection of a course of direction to the destination.
  • Route Monitoring –
    Making sure the selected route is heading towards destination.
  • Destination Recognition –
    When the destination is recognised.

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Manipulate Meaning: Kuleshov Effect

We had to read this article on the Kuleshov Effect. It says how it’s the “single most important concept to editing, if not to filmmaking itself. It’s a cornerstone of visual storytelling; through this phenomenon that we can suggest meaning and manipulate space, as well as time. It is a fundamental aspect of “movie magic,” one which every filmmaker needs to understand.

It was introduced by Russian film maker Lev Kuleshov, who shot a short film with three different groups. Each of the three shots had the face of a well known actor, but each time they were followed by three different things. In this way, a new story was told each time, despite the actor having the same expression each time.

Hunger, sadness and lust (Curatormagazine)

This article was a really interesting read, and has definitely changed the way I will view films as well as food for thought when creating my own.

“Through the Kuleshov Effect, the audience creates and imposes their own meaning onto uninflicted individual shots.”

La Jetee: by Chris Marker

Michelle spoke to us about the short film, “La Jetee” by Chris Marker. It’s a French science fiction film, created entirely by black and white stills and lasting just over 26 minutes long. It tells the story of a post nuclear war experiment in time travel.

I thought this would be a bit dull, as there’s no moving imagery and there’s lack of colour, however it is definitely something I’d watch again.
It’s simple, yet original, and rather unique.