Broad: Publication


For the printing I used A2 paper folded in half and printed in black first.]

I actually found some problems printing like this because the printer kept getting jammed. I decided to use tape to hold down every side, which was tedious but worked out.

After printing the black then I printed out the drawings in a different colour on top.


Broad: GIF

For this project as well as an 8 page publication, we also had to make a GIF that represented the whole publication.

I decided that for the GIF I should incorporate the 3 chosen words and then the 6 drawn images, 2 for each word. It was too busy to have everything show up together, so I split it so that you can see what drawing goes with what.


FMP: Final Publication

DSC_0665 copy

For the front and back of the publication and then inside covers I wanted to take a photo of the same thing that showed something “professional” and something “not so professional”.

A week and a half after sending it off my publication finally arrived!

I had chosen to do it in a magazine style, so it was quite thin and the paper chosen was glossy. I was quite happy with the outcome.

FMP: Publication

For the publication which would show the photos as well as some information behind each person, I decided to use Blurb, because I have used it before and I liked the program.

Keeping the 5 colours in mind that I had chosen, I decided to give each person 3 two page spreads each. The first two would have a word describing how they feel when doing their hobby and a description as to why they like it/chose it. Next to that would be a bit of background information behind them. The next spread will have the photos I took, maybe in process or information about an object they use whilst doing their hobby. The final spread would contain more photos of them or the end product.

Broad: Final Publication

After sending in the publication, I was told to change the text before printing. Even though I thought the text was good to get across the digital blog feel, I guess it didn’t work well with the overall publication, so I decided upon a different font.



Page 4-5B

page6APage 8A

Design Competition: Advertising 2


After the stickers had arrived and we finalised the poster we could finally advertise around uni.

We had some trouble with the building managers, even though we had emailed and sorted that stuff out at the very beginning, so we had a few problems advertising on the ground floor. Apart from that, the rest of the building was free, so we spent a day printing the poster and putting it up.

After this was done we went to the Wash House to check out the sound system and the screens. There was quite a few technical things to go through, but it was all very helpful.


Broad: Riso-Printing 2

We had another Risoprint session, but this time we learnt about colour separation and how we could make fuller pictures even with a limited supply of colours.

We were asked to bring in a photo and then on Photoshop we split up the colours.


As there was not much time for all of us to print doing CMYK colour separation, we tried out duotone instead, where we made it grayscale – duotone. We then split into pairs and printed with 2 colours.


Design Competition: Advertising

Another way we wanted to advertise the event was through social media. We set up a Facebook page so that people could find the event and we could see who was planning to go. To make it easier to buy the tickets we also set up an Eventbrite.

We had to create a banner for the Eventbrite so we used a sprayed background and then placed the text similar to the chosen poster.



FMP: Filming

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 18.19.07

On top of the 5 videos, 1 for each person, I also wanted to do a taster video, which would have shots of everyone and give the audience a teaser of what the project is about, like a trailer.

I filmed each person on separate days, some I only needed a day, others I would film over the course of a few weeks. After all the filming was done, then I put the videos together in a video editing app. I had to do a few trials, saving different versions.

I wanted the music on top of the taster to be an acoustic guitar, hence the person in my project who played a guitar let me film and record her to be used for the taster video and her own video.

I edited the clips so that they’d fit in with the timing and the beat of the guitar played.

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